Founded in 2001, GSD is a leading brand with a comprehensive product range, covering
medical aesthetic device, personal-use beauty device, cosmetics and Medical SPA, dedicated
to provide cost-effective and high performance medical-aesthetic solutions based on cuttingedge
technology and substantial clinical research to the worldwide. Devoting more than 15%
of revenues in R&D, GSD has expanded the product line to Square Pulse IPL, fractional RF,
HIFU, 810nm Fiber Coupled Diode laser, 1550nm fractionallaser, 308nm Excimer light,
1064/532nm Q- switched ND YAG laser, 694nm Ruby laser under strict standards of FDA,
CFDA, Medical CE and IS013485.
With more than 300 employees and 30% annual rate of growth, GSD now markets and
supports its products in more than 120 countries for plastic surgeons, dermatologist,
physicians, and healthcare professionals.

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